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Mailing Services Frequently Asked Questions

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What most customers ask about F&R Mailing Services Inc.

Why F&R Mailing Service?

At F&R mailing, we do all the preparing of your mailing pieces so you do not have to. We can do a variety of services from mailing list purchases, database corrections, to helping you qualify for postal discounts.

What does the F in F &R Mailing Service stand for?

The F in F&R means fast. Here at F&R we strive at being fast, and have built our business and reputation on it. Most companies try to get your job out in four days. We raise the bar and delivery by getting most jobs out within two days of receiving it. If you are really in a bind and need it sooner we try everything to meet your deadline for you. We know our customers have deadlines and we will try to do everything humanly and physically possible to meet our customers’ deadline.

What does the R in F&R Mailing Service stand for?

Reliable means a couple of things to us here at F&R. The first thing it means that every customer must be able to depend on us. They must be able to have their jobs get out on time and at the best possible price. That also means that we do not sacrifice quality when trying to be quick. That is why at F&R we have invested in some of the latest technology out there to help us to be accurate and dependable not just the first time with us but every time. We strive to save our customers money on every mailing job they do with us. We invest in the latest technology, so that no piece of mail is wasted and is delivered on time. That means savings to the customer by not wasting money on printing more on overruns and wasted postage. We feel it must be a win, win for both the customer and us. That means we win by having our customers come back to us time and time again.

Well I do not know anything about the Postal System can they help?

Let us help you, we know from the customers that come to F&R for help get frustrated working with the United State Postal Service (USPS) in try to meet their postal requirements.  Do not worry we will do it for you.  We take out all the guesswork and paper work involved, for you. With more than 30 years experience working with the USPS we know how to get the job done.  We make sure that all your mailings with us, meet federal requirements so that your mail is processed in the most cost-efficient and timely manner. Therefore, that means no wasted material or added printing cost to our customers. Which allow you to get back to what matters most to you and that is running your Company or Organization.

What can F&R Mailing do for me that I cannot do?

We are capable of doing many things for you and your company at F&R. First and foremost sit back and relax F&R Mailing will do everything for you. We will take out all the stress out of promoting your company or organization. F&R Mailing is a full service letter shop. Even if your job consists of statements, letters, flats, brochures, flyers, invoices, and the list goes on. We offer many things to help you speed up and get your jobs out. In addition, we can get you the bulk mail discount that you might not get or qualify for if you did the mailing job yourself.

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